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Mighty Bird Toys :: Materials Guide

Materials Guide


The following information is just a guide to help you pick safe material for your bird. We strive to make our toys as safe as possible, however there is no such thing as 100% safe. This guide will help determine wise and safe choices for your pets. Information contained here covers someof the basic materials used in the manufacturing of bird toys.



Birds have a natural urge to chew and wood satisfies this quite well. Wooden toys are meant to be chewed, gouged and destroyed. However, this activity is vital for your birds mental and physical well-being if not they will find other behavior to satisfy this natural urge (i.e. feather plucking as just one example)

Safe Woods (incomplete list):

Bamboo, Pine, Birch, Balsa, Basswood, Cholla, Dogwood, Grape Vines, Poplar, Manzanita, Maple, Palm, Ash, Apple, Elm, Cactus, Ribbon wood, Cork, Ghost wood, Yucca, Cottonwood, Mulberry, Pecan, Red Willow, Willow and Ocotillo (whip cactus)

Unsafe Woods (incomplete list):

Cedar, Red Cherry, Holly, Elderberry, Juniper, Plywood, Wisteria, Oak

Toy makers; NEVER use pressure treated wood for parts, it is treated with arsenic and will poison your bird. Natural branches are ok as long as they have not been exposed to insecticides and urban roadsides Word of caution: you may want to scrub or clean all collected branches with a non-toxic disinfectant (diluted chlorine bleach) or commercial products such as Pet Focus, rinse and dry thoroughly.

When cleaning existing toys don't soak them; moisture can promote bacterial growth. Sometimes its best to wipe them clean with a damp cloth or sand heavily soiled areas.If the toy becomes suspect it should either be discarded or thoroughly cleaned and dried in a low temperature oven before returning them to the bird.

Colored wood can be more entertaining and interesting to birds so it is imperative to use a bird safe dye. All of our products are colored with Vita-Critter and a mixture of alcohol. This combination enriches the color and kills any bacteria or germs that could be present in the material. Do not buy toys that have been stained or varnished to add color. Mighty Bird has discontinued ABC painted blocks due to the concern of lead in the paint. They are purchased natural and dyed with our own mixture.


Mighty Bird uses several kinds of ropes in our products, such as 100% cotton rope, sisal, jute, coconut and paper. Due to the strength in the individual stands of nylon blend ropes, it should never be used in a bird toy. The stands can get wrapped around toes and necks and can result in serious injury. Ropes are one of the most popular and can be the most dangerous items used in toys but caution should be observed. Safety problems occur when rope isn't properly maintained, such as excessive fraying. It is best to check your bird's toys daily and to cut back or discard rope toys when they become frayed and present a hazard to their bird.


When selecting a chain be sure it's welded as opposed to open links. Make sure the link size is appropriate to your bird size. Chain that is to long can also be hazardous to your bird. It could possibly pose a hazard once the pieces are chewed off. Mighty Bird uses only nickel-plated chain and where noted stainless steel.


Mighty Bird uses nickel-plated pear links and quick links in our toys for hanging and “O” rings to complete the toy. We take extra caution to eliminate any spacing when closing the “O” ring. This prevents any harm occurring to your bird. Keep in mind your bird's safety is our first concern. Mighty Bird does not use split rings, key rings or spring-loaded clips. All fasteners are bird size appropriate.


Acrylics and plastics are widely used in the bird toy industry. Mighty Bird recommends at least one of your birds toy be a blend of plastic/acrylic along with your wood toys. Generally speaking, plastic/acrylic toys are virtually indestructible if sized appropriately. Plastic/acrylic toys also have bright and shiny colors for stimulation and many hours of fun. Wood and shreddables are still most popular for bird toys.


Leather makes a wonderful, chewable safe product to play with. Wet or soiled leather needs to be replaced to keep bacteria from growing. It is best to purchase this material from the bird industry i.e. Mighty Bird, to ensure that it is safe and toxic free. Mighty Bird uses only vegetable tanned leather. For this reason you should not give your birds old apparel such as pocketbooks, shoes, belts etc.


Bells and birds, what a racket! Mighty Bird only uses cowbells, indestructible bells and liberty bells. Jingle bells commonly used in the bird industry can potentially pose a threat to toes and beaks due to small slits in the bells. Double check that the clapper cannot be easily removed. Appropriately size the bell to the size of your bird.


Mighty Bird specializes in safe bird toys and parts at low prices without compromising quality. Just because “they say so” no toy is 100% safe. As bird owners you need to be vigilant in the supervision of your birds activities. When introducing a new toy to your bird they may not be interested in it at first. If that's the case, remove it for a short period of time and re-introduce it at a later date.

Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at: Whether you shop with Mighty Bird or your local pet store, happy healthy birds are our main goal.

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